List of changes on the IF?

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List of changes on the IF?

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Dear Moderators,

We get as board of the Dutch Mariholm Association a lot of questions form members who want to know how old there (just bought) boat is. Often there is no plate inside of Mariholms Bruck. Is there a list of changes made during the production of the IF?

For example: mine boats dates from 1974, has a silver protor mast (golden selden mast was replaced in 1973?) but still the wooden handrails on top of the cabin (1976 aluminium?).

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Re: List of changes on the IF?

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If there is no building plaque present, it is hard to be sure of the age of the board.

But 1968 and 1972 there were changes to the interior of cabin (separation of forepeak) (1968) and cockpit seat draines (1972). Also the rig was changed 1968 (other Spar and mast step and 1972 (Weels in mast foot). After 1973 it is hard to be sure of the boat's age without plate, but aluminium handrails may indicate 1974 or younger.

There was a couple of different rig types during the years and additionally , some boat's have had the rig replaced, so this is not a safe means of age detection.
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