New to this beautiful boat

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New to this beautiful boat

Inlägg av felipe.saucedo »

Hello. as it says in the title I got my hand in my first boat ever, and it happens to be an IF.
I got it from a girl that used to live in it, but she didn't really know how to sail so I got a pretty good deal. the problem is that she is not much help with some questions.

I have the following things if somebody by the grace of the almighty can help me.

1) The boat has 3 weird-looking pieces of wood that seem to be kind of a ramp, or something like that, does anybody own an IF 77 and can share with me a picture of how does the average interior looks like. That way I can get a reference on what they can be.
2) today while I was cleaning it, I checked under the cockpit right under the storage area and there was a lot of after inside. It does not seem to leak, and some sort of drain goes there. It is really odd, as it would make no sense such an amount of water inside a boat. Has anybody seen something like that before?

Thank you!! :)
Nils D
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Re: New to this beautiful boat

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Congratulations on your new boat and welcome to the forum.
You can find pictures of the interior of the IF on this link ... qgGxybvwDg

Pleas note that not all pictures are from an IF, but most of them on the first few rows are.

I don not quite understand what you refer to with the "3 weird-looking pieces of wood that seem to be kind of a ramp, or something like that". If you can upload a picture I'm sure we can help you better with this.

My impression is that the water you describe is in the lowest part of the keel. My guess is that it simply is water that has leaked into the boat during rain,and as all water sooner or later has ended at the lowest point it can get to. Since you describe the previous owner as a person without much knowledge of boats, might she not just have ignored this or perhaps even not noticed it. But it should not be there. I would just pump it out and leave it at that for a while, both to see if it is filled with water again, and if it does not to let it dry up so you can inspect it and see if you need to do anything about it.
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Re: New to this beautiful boat

Inlägg av Andreas89 »

Leaks from above are not unusual on an old boat like the IF and like Nils says the water tends to end up in the bilges. You commonly see leaks around windows, deck hardware such as genua and jib tracks, the gap in the hull/deck joint, the hatch between the cockpit and saloon etc.

Do you have water ingress in the storage space under the seats in the saloon? A lot of the common deck leaks end up there before overflowing into the bilges.
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