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My name is Martin and I live in the Netherlands. I started sailing just over 2 years ago and I have mainly sailed on open boat on the Frisian lakes. I took a lot of lessons and sailed singlehanded within a year. I owned my own open boat, but quite recently I bought an IF-E here in the Netherlands. This boat was imported from Sweden by the company from which I subsequently bought it.
If possible I would like to find out more about the boats history, but I have little to go on (there is no identification plate for instance). What I do know is that:
- the boat still has its original off-white gel coat
- the sails carry the number 2419
- the previous owner had named the boat Amanda
- the log states the boat's name was once Olivia
- the boat is estimated as being built in 1975
- a receipt mentions Skärhamn, north of Gotenburg

Does anybody have any clues?
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Try to get in contact with the previous Swedish owner. Maybe you can get contact details through the company which imported and sold the boat to you.
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