Sail number S-1151

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Sail number S-1151

Inlägg av MarcusRolloos »

I'm sorry for writing in English. I'm from Holland.
I found IF-Boat with sail number S-1151.
At least that's the sail on the boat. I would like to verify whether this truly belongs to this boat. Can anyone help with this? Is there a way to verify a sail number?
Best regards,
Marcus Rolloos
Nils D
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Re: Sail number S-1151

Inlägg av Nils D »

There should be plates in the wardrobe with this information. The place and form differs between different years.

On older boats, built 1967 - 1972 there are two plates on the port side, on showing the number of the hull and the year it was built, and the second shows the sail number.

On boats built from 1973 and onwards there is a plate in the satboard wardrobe, which shows which year it was built, the hull number, the sail number and the color code.

More detailed information and pictures of this ca be found in a document on this web ... ager&id=66
Unfortunately the text is only in Swedish, but I hope you still can find the information you need there with the help of e.g. Google Translate

Please note that the manufacuring number/hull number is often not the same as the sail number
Nils D SWE-3008
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