Marieholm IF-E New Rudder

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Marieholm IF-E New Rudder

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Good morning everybody,
Hopefully you find well.
Today I realized that my rudder has bigger problems that I thought. All of it was full of water and the sandwich material completely gone.
I would like to check if any of you know a place where i can get a new or used one, all suggestions are welcome!
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Re: Marieholm IF-E New Rudder

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Sorry to read about your rudder problems.
You can, or at least could, by a new rudder from a company in Sweden called Marieholm Strömstad marina, who specialized in renovating and selling spare parts to International Folkboats and other constructions from the same builder (Marieholm). Don’t know if they are still operating. I know they ceased with the renovating a couple of years ago, but continued to sell spare parts. You can find them at
It is only in Swedish, but usually Google translate gives you a good enough translation to grasp the basic contents.
If you click on the IF & M26/261 link at the left below the header Tillbehör, you’ll find their price list for spare parts, which includes a rudder for an IF-E for SEK 13 585.
It is recommended that you call them, since they are well known for being very slow in answering emails.

Another option might be to repair the rudder you have now. I tried to find some links on our forum on this, and found this one ... oder#p6244
I am thinking primarily of the comments by Maja and Fredrik H. I seem to remember having read something on our web on rudder repair, but can’t find it now. Perhaps some other member can find it?
I also found a set of videos on YouTube on repairing a rudder on an International Folkboat. The link to the first is
and it seems there are five of them. Perhaps they can be on some use for you (if you can stand the music  )

If you want help on your side of the Atlantic, I know that here is a very active fleet for Nordic Folkboats up in the Bay area. In Sweden, and other Nordic countries, the Nordic Folboat and the International Folkboat (over here called only IF) have their separate communities, but my impression is that it is more ecumenical in other parts of the world. The SF Bay Folboat association seems for instance to have hosted also a regatta for International Folkboats in 2017. So there might be people there that could help you, or at least point to people that can help you. Here are some sites for them

On our web there is a paper on a renovation of an International Folkboat. The text is primarily on doing a complete make over of the interior, but perhaps the writer can give you some advice if you can contact him. ... ager&id=55

Finally, and as a complete aside, here is a link to a paper on Folkboats in their different guises and a bit of the history too, which you might find worth reading if you haven’t seen it before.

Hope this can be of some use to you.
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Re: Marieholm IF-E New Rudder

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Oh, dear! :shock: That is one bad rudder! I have never seen one like that. I wonder what has caused those holes?
You say there was water inside. Can it be that the water inside has been freezing to ice and expandning during cold winter?

Do we also see rust in there? It's hard to tell from the photos.

I think you may buy a new rudder at . It's not in the online shop, so you have to ask.
Johan Winberg, SWE 1870 InFinit
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