How to upload and show images in posts


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How to upload and show images in posts

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Assuming your image is in right format (e.g. .jpg) and size - no wider than 800 pixels.

You can use any image hosting facility, e.g. Tinypic, Photobucket or similar. The following applies to Tinypic, but should be similar with others.

1. Go to You will see a screen like this:


2. Click on the browse button on the tinypic screen and navigate to where you have stored your image. your screen will now look something like this.


3. Click "open" when you have selected image, then "Upload Now" on the tinypic screen.

4. Once you have done that, this screen will apear


Select the text in the IMG Code box, press Ctrl C or right click-copy on it to copy the text then go to the post you are making at and press Ctrl V or right click-paste to paste it into your post.

Hope this helps!
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Re: How to upload and show images in posts

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Here is another method for uploading from your hard disc:

Enter your written text to the forum the normal way by a click on "skicka" which means "submit".

Open your entry again. Click on "ändra" which means "change".

Click on "ladda upp bilaga" which means "upload attachment".

"Bläddra" means something like "change directory" and "Bifoga filen" means "Attach the file"

Before upload, remember to adjust the size of your photo. A suitable size for the photo to be properly displayed is a width of 800 pixels. If smaller (less pixels), the picture will just be smaller on the screen in the same relation. If greater, the picture will be wider than the screen and needs scrolling sideways to be seen in total.
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