Experinces with the Atlantic?

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Experinces with the Atlantic?

Inlägg av BjørnWiller » fre 11 okt 2013 19:47


Im planning a long trip in my boat, so I was wondering if any of you guys have experienced the North Sea and the Atlantic, from an Internation folkboat?

Im hoping for some advice or at least a short story 'bout how it went if there were rough conditions etc.


Nils D
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Re: Experinces with the Atlantic?

Inlägg av Nils D » mån 14 okt 2013 08:15

If you can read Swedish, or use Google translate, you can read about a single handed crossing of the Atlantic in Medvind no 1 1992, and in No 2 1994 there is an article on a tour to Scotland and the islands west of Scotland. Both are available on these pages on the page "Medvind"

The latter trip was done in the IF "Röde Orm" which did a couple of longer trips over the North Sea. I searched for it on Google using " "röde orm" IF Shetlandsöarna" and got a couple of hits. Also in Swedish but pehaps accessible using Google translate?

I guess you have already checked out the English language sites on the page "Länkar", but in case you haven't there may be one or two there that you find interesting too.

(And since both question and answer is in English, perhaps this should be moved to the English part of the Forum?)
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Re: Experinces with the Atlantic?

Inlägg av kubal » ons 12 mar 2014 08:32

Hi Bjorn,
only one technical hint: when sailing in strong wind and big waves in Norway, several brass screws which fix the interior plywood desks to the ribs broke down because of the strong tensions in the hull. I repaired it by screwing stainless steel wood screws near the original brass ones.

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